OUR TEAM HAS COME TOGETHER THROUGH A SHARED PASSION for Ag Research, as well as a mutual respect for each other. We represent a cross-section of the local communities and culture, coming from diverse backgrounds and we are committed to the success of our endeavor through the common goal of excellence.

Maria brings her expertise of greenhouse management and hybrid pollinations, Saúl brings his knowledge of operations and oversight, Diana brings her knowledge of inventory management, while Conrado and Bill bring their knowledge of the farming, research, pest management, and product development, to the mix.

Our team can tackle most projects, so let us know your needs!

OUR TEAM Saúl Díaz, María Hernández, Diana Waycott, Blanca Navarro de Villagrana, Bill Waycott, Conrado Navarro-Díaz and Donavin Buck.